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Sometime in the latter part of 1998 I was asked if I had any articles about hashing which weren't from an “incestuous” point of view (i.e., hashers writing about hashing). As a result I went digging through my files and found that I had a fairly good collection (about 20 articles) dating back some 10 years.

It came as a blinding flash of the obvious that these articles should be in a convenient location on the Web as a resource for hashers everywhere. Thus the call went out for additional articles and this archive was born in January 1999 with contributions from hashers around the world.

This is a “living” archive, intended to grow as older articles are unearthed and new articles published. If you have an article about hashing or hare and hounds from a “mainstream” publication please share the wealth and send it on to for incorporation into the archive.


Simply because the articles in the archive are from established and respected publications does not mean that they are free from factual error, particularly as it pertains to the origins of the hash. So please note that the hash was not started by; a Naval Detachment, British Army Officers, beer-bellied Australians, or colonial civil servants, nor did the founders frequent an Indonesian or Chinese Club, or a bar named the Hash House. (For an accurate description of how the hash began and got its name, see the HHH Press Kit).

Now, that said, please enjoy. There are many a good story here... HASHING | HARE & HOUNDS


ZiPpY tC

Newest Articles
The Mercury
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Smash fails to stop big Hash bash
February 10, 2000
The Wichita Eagle
Wichita, Kansas, USA
White powder scare II
February 8, 2000
The Fayetteville Observer
Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA
Harriers run anywhere
February 3, 2000
The Mercury
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Adding a dash of panache
January 29, 2000
The Mercury
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Red, set, go for wardrobe clean-out
January 19, 2000
The Wichita Eagle
Wichita, Kansas, USA
Anthrax Scare Traced to Running Club
December 18, 1999
Publication Article Date Who/What/Where
Atlanta Constitution Happy Trails: Trail Running 07 Aug 98 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
American-Statesman Making A Beer Run 06 Jul 96 Austin, Texas, USA
American Way A Beer Run of A Different Flavor 01 Mar 98 American Airlines Magazine
Arizona Daily Star Harriers' Run Would Make Any Fox... C. 1997 Tucson, Arizona, USA
Arizona Republic Hashing Steeped in Tradition, Alcohol 30 Mar 96 Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Arizona Republic Power Mystery Solved 10 Sep 97 Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Associated Press Global Run-and-Drink Club 26 Jun 88 International Wire Service
Beer Across America Running Amuck 01 Sep 96 Beer Across America Club
Big Shout Magazine Runnin' Through the Shiggy 01 May 96 Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Business Week The Hash: Jogging, Beer, and Song 23 Jan 89 US National Magazine
Caribbean Travel & Life Hashing Grenada 01 May 99 International Magazine
Chapel Hill News Hash Run Not an Easy Feat 28 Jan 98 Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
Contra Costa Times White Collars Run, Drink & Make Merry 27 Apr 97 Contra Costa, California, USA
Daily Aztec Stanza It's Beer Run Time! 22 Feb 96 Dan Diego, California, USA
Daily Press Beer Chasers 31 Jul 98 Newport News, Virginia, USA
Dallas Morning News Possible Hate Crime 21 Feb 93 Dallas, Texas, USA
Dallas Morning News No Hate Intended 22 Feb 93 Dallas, Texas, USA
Dallas Morning News Making a Beer Run 01 Aug 99 Dallas, Texas, USA
Ekxtra Bladet World's Biggest Laugh 27 Nov 98 Aarhus, Denmark
Eugene Register HazMat Team Called 14 Jan 99 Eugene, Oregon, USA
Fayetteville Observer Harriers Run Anywhere 03 Feb 00 Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA
FootNotes A Big Excuse to Socialize 01 Nov 94 Road Runners Club of America
Gazette Telegraph Making a Mad Dash 01 Jun 93 Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Gazette Telegraph Running Wild 03 Mar 96 Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Heads Up Hashing Challenges Runners 01 Mar 95 Beer Drinkers of America
Herald-Post Run For Fun 18 Jul 91 Heidelberg, Germany
Highlife The Spotted Dog 01 Mar 98 British Airways Magazine
Hobart Mercury Red, Set, Go for Wardrobe Clean-Out 19 Jan 00 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Hobart Mercury Adding a Dash of Panache... 29 Jan 00 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Hobart Mercury Smash Fails to Stop Big Hash 10 Feb 00 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Honolulu Weekly Rebels Without A Pause 01 May 94 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Internal Auditor On The Roard Running 01 Jun 97 Institute of Internal Auditors
Los Angeles Times Running Wild 24 Dec 97 Los Angeles, California, USA
Los Angeles Times And They're Off (Way Off) 30 Aug 98 Los Angeles, California, USA
Malaysian Airlines Hash Bash 01 Sep 98 Malaysian Airlines Magazine
Maxim Beer Run 01 May 99 US National Magazine
Mercury News How Long is this Run? 05 Oct 88 San Jose, California, USA
Mercury News Fun on the Run 27 Sep 90 San Jose, California, USA
Metro Santa Cruz My Cup Runneth Over 06 Jun 96 Santa Cruz, California, USA
Miami Herald Run! Here Come Hash Harriers 17 Nov 99 Miami, Florida, USA
Minnesota Sports Hashing it Out 01 Dec 95 Minneapolis. Minnesota, USA
Munich Found Hash House Harriers on the Run 01 Mar 98 Munich, Germany
Nelson County Times Hashing & They Do It Often 01 May 97 Lovington, Virginia, USA
New York Magazine Best of New York 14 Apr 97 New York, New York, USA
New York Times When Harriers Run... 19 Apr 81 New York, New York, USA
New York Times Runners Chase Scent of Beer 21 Feb 99 New York, New York, USA
New York Times Recipie Calls for Flour... 09 Apr 99 New York, New York, USA
News and Advance Red Herrings in Red Dresses 12 Feb 97 Lynchburg, Virginia, USA
Newsday Happy Trails 17 Nov 94 New York, New York, USA
Okinawa Marine Untitled 21 Oct 94 Okinawa, Japan
Off Duty (Pacific) Wild About Hash 01 Sep 94 Publication for US Military
Outside Mad Jogs and Englishmen 01 Apr 92 US National Magazine
Pacific Stars & Stripes It's Hash Heaven in the Philippines 22 Mar 90 Manila, Philippines
Philadelphia Inquirer When Workouts Become a Chore... 25 Nov 96 Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA
Post Standard Hashing Combines Run and Fun 10 Aug 98 Syracuse, New York, USA
Providence Journal They Make You Run For Your Beer 25 Dec 96 Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Reston Runners Running Can Be Hard On Your Liver 01 Aug 97 Reston, Virginia, USA
Richmond State I Hashed, I Drank 27 Jul 95 Richmond, Virginia, USA
Rocky Mountain Sports Hash House Harriers Primer 01 Sep 94 Boulder, Colorado, USA
Runner's World Dress Code 01 Mar 98 US National Magazine
Running Times Hash House Harriers 01 Jan 92 US National Magazine
San Diego Magazine Hashing It Up 01 Sep 89 San Diego, California, USA
Space Observer On-On! 22 Nov 95 Peterson AFB, Colorado, USA
Sports Illustrated Part Dash, Part Bash 16 May 94 US National Magazine
St Petersburgh Times Beer Run 21 May 99 St Petersburgh, Florida, USA
Star-Ledger Hashers Chase the Trail Not Taken 03 Jul 97 Newark, New Jersey, USA
Star Tribune Hashers Speciality: Having Fun 15 Nov 92 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Sun Herald Running, Cold Beer and Hashers 14 Jun 98 Biloxi, Mississippi, USA
Times-Picayune The Beer Runners 22 Aug 98 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Ukrainian On The Run 01 Seo 97 Kiev, Ukraine
USA Today The Hash Dash 21 Feb 92 US National Newspaper
US News & World Report Shades of Anarchy 02 Mar 98 US National Magazine
Wall Street Journal Following the Flour is a Popular Sport 11 Oct 89 US National Newspaper
Wall Street Journal One Race in D.C. is Not Political 30 Sep 97 US National Newspaper
Washington Post A Running Party 28 Nov 97 Washington, D.C., USA
Washington Post Raciest Racers Come... 12 Sep 98 Washington, D.C., USA
Wichita Eagle Hashers: Running on Empties 15 Nov 99 Wichita, Kansas, USA
Wichita Eagle Anthrax Scare Traced to Running Club 18 Dec 99 Wichita, Kansas, USA
Wichita Eagle White Powder Scare II 08 Feb 00 Wichita, Kansas, USA
Winona Post The Heritage of a Hash Run 14 Apr 99 Winona, Minnesota, USA
Women's Sports & Fitness Games Runners Play 01 May 87 US National Magazine
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Publication Article Date Who/What/Where
Tom Brown's Schooldays Big Side Hare and Hounds 24 Apr 1857 A novel by Thomas Hughes
Thames Hare & Hounds Rules and Bye-Laws Circa 1874 London, England, UK
Sporting Gazette Paperchases 07 Jan 1871 London, England, UK
Harper's Weekly Hare & Hounds Illustration 23 May 1874 New York, New York, USA
Frank Leslie's Newspaper A Paper Chase of Hares & Hounds 08 Nov 1879 New York, New York, USA
The Independent Q&A: Hares, Hounds, and Harriers 28 Feb 1993 London, England, UK
T&A HHH Big Side Hare and Hounds 01 Jun 1995 Tallahassee, Florida, USA
Webster's/Colliers Definition of Hare and Hounds 1998 Editions Dictionary/Encyclopedia
Daily Telegraph Manhunt on the Fells 27 Jun 1998 London, England, UK
Running Times On the Scent of History 01 Dec 1998 US National Magazine
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  • Articles are Copyright by each respective publication and are provided here as a bibliographic service to the Hash House Harrier community. For permission to reproduce any article in this archive, please contact the Copyright holder directly.
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